Fully Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance with Dartford Motors

Dartford Motors operates a clear rental insurance policy that makes sure you know exactly where you stand and what to do in the event of an accident or incident. (Links to separate page on what to do in the event of an accident).

Cover Options:

There are two options to choose from when renting a vehicle from us:

1. Dartford Motor’s Insurance:

All vehicles include the standard Comprehensive insurance, which includes mandatory 3rd Party insurance. Comprehensive Insurance means that in the event of accident or incident, you are responsible for the “excess” cost. The current “excess” on any vehicle rented from Dartford Motors is £600.00.

What am I liable for if my rental vehicle gets damaged:

If your vehicle gets damaged during the rental period, you will pay up to £600.00 to cover the cost of repairs depending on the amount and value of the damage. If the damage is less than £600.00 you will only pay that amount. On the other hand, if the cost of repairs is £3000.00 you will only be obliged to pay £600.00. The insurance policy will cover the remainder of the cost of repairs.

Can I reduce the “excess”?

At the time of signing the rental agreement, you have the option of taking-out Collision Damage Waiver insurance. This will reduce the excess amount to £100.00. The cost for CDW is between £7.00 and £15.00 per day.

For more detailed information about insurance cover with Dartford Motors, read our blog post Demystifying Vehicle Insurance > 

2. Company Own Insurance (COI):

If a vehicle is being rented for or on behalf of a company, you can use a pre-existing company policy known as COI. As long as the Insurance Policy complies with our requirements,  Please bring with you full details of the insurance policy and a copy of the insurance certificate when you come to collect the vehicle.

What does fully Comprehensive Insurance cover?

Fully comprehensive insurance means that you are fully covered against damage to your rental vehicle, whether or not you or a third party is at fault. Coverage is provided as long as all the conditions of the rental agreement are complied with. In brief, this is what it covers and what it doesn’t cover:




Criminal damage


Natural damage (for example Flood or Hailstorms)




Items stolen from the vehicle (personal belongings and goods)


Windscreen damage (unless CDW is purchased)


Any damage above windscreen height, you will be liable for the full excess amount, regardless of whether you have CDW or not.

Additional Drivers

Dartford Motors Comprehensive Insurance cover only covers one driver who can only drive in the UK.  For a second driver, additional charges apply.

Extended European Rental Insurance

If you want to rent a vehicle to take to mainland Europe, special insurance can be arranged on certain vehicles.  Ask us for more details >

What to do if you have an accident

Go to our page about what happens if you have an accident >

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